My services are not limited to my geographic location in Saint Heliers or Central Auckland. Whether you are elsewhere in New Zealand or Australia, I can provide guidance and support to help you through your divorce journey.


I prefer to meet in person where possible and I usually do the first meeting face to face. This allows us both to gain a sense of trust and connection. However, Zoom is appropriate if meeting in person isn’t possible.

Through questions and reflections in the 90-minute one off coaching session, this will become clearer for you.

See service offered below

Complimentary compulsory consultation:

30-minute phone call to see if we are a good fit to work together and we feel comfortable to both move forward. This will be a Zoom or phone call to decide whether coaching will be of benefit to you and your situation.

One off session: $240.00 + GST

90-minute session.
Discover your requirements and gain insights into your situation. This is particularly useful if you are in the phase of “is it time to part ways or work things out”, helping you identify conflicts, uncertainties and what is missing. If you are based in Auckland this is preferably in person in a private office space located in Saint Heliers, Auckland. (otherwise Zoom available)

Coaching packages:

“Support Pack”: 3 x 1-hour sessions $480.00 + GST. Resources and private office included.

“Hold my hand Package”: 7 x 1-hour sessions $1120,00 + GST. Resources and private office included. Available on email or mobile during business hours. These sessions are to be utilised within 3-month period.

Custom services:

My approach is tailored to your specific needs. You deserve a professionally trained Divorce Coach that can help you during your relationship struggles so you can: Negotiate calmly, Empathise with your partner’s perspectives, Effectively communicate and manage conflict, Discover common ground and employ Strategic planning to get a resolution.

I’m here to assist you on your journey to “Separate with Freedom”.