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Welcome to DivorceNEEDS –

I am a Professional Divorce Coach, trained utilising the Alternative Dispute Resolution method. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, I will assist you through the challenging terrain of separation, divorce or relationship issues.

At DivorceNEEDS, my mission is to serve as your steadfast navigator so you can save time, money and emotional energy. I recognise that relationship issues bring all kinds of conflict, so I am here to help you minimise some of the friction by teaching you how to effectively communicate and make informed decisions, so your separation or divorce aligns with your values and leads to a resolution.

My approach is centred around:

  • Negotiating with Confidence: I provide you with guidance and skills so you can learn how to communicate calmly even amid uncertainty.
  • Empathetic problem-solving: I listen and work alongside you, to find ways for you to understand your own wants and needs and then find solutions for you and your partner.
  • Effectively manage conflict: I can assist in helping you to manage your conflict and emotions, so you take control of your situation and make informed decisions that shape your future.
  • Discovering common ground: Allow me to help you explore approaching your situation with an open mindset, so you can see what other opportunities are possible.
  • Strategic planning: Let me guide you toward employing strategic planning, so your decisions allow for an outcome that meets possible expectations.

Partner with me as your trusted Divorce Coach on this journey of resolution. Start your journey with DivorceNEEDS today.

Understanding the journey

Divorce or separation can be one of the most difficult and lonely processes a person can go through.

Navigating complex decisions, emotions and exploring possibilities can be overwhelming and challenging. I am here to help you become aware of possible questions that will assist with problem solving, learn new skills that help minimise conflict, communicate more effectively and make decisions that assist you in getting a resolution.

My goal is to empower you to make informed choices, gain the confidence, creativity and clarity you need to get through your current situation, and build a solid foundation for the future.

My services are available throughout New Zealand and Australia. I can provide guidance and support to help you through your divorce journey.